MERS outbreak in S. Korea (3rd. week)

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak in South Korea.

Medical Avenue’s staff based in Seoul has been diligently monitoring the outcome of the outbreak of MERS in South Korea. Since the first official reports came out, our team has been putting together all the available and verifiable information into the hands of our branch office in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and of all our clients and partners in Russia, UAE, and Europe. Our concern is the safety inside South Korea for medical treatments.

As we have stated, the purpose of this labor is to keep you informed and illustrate a reliable picture of the ongoing problem. We wish to share our insights with you to make your decision more efficient.

Numbers and statistics MERS in South Korea:

As today, June 22nd, the number stays at 172 confirmed MERS cases. The majority of them related to 2 hospitals: 50 persons fully discharged and 95 still under treatment. Along the 27 fatalities, 92.6% of them were patients with underlying medical conditions.

Once more, we now assure our clients there is NO official restriction to come and get treated in South Korea. There has been no warning by the local government or any other international organization. The situation is beyond unfortunate for all those institutions, families and professionals who in so many ways have been dealing and fighting this disease, but the rest of the country’s medical services are working as normal. They are still attending foreign and local patients and respecting all the preventive measures.

As for Medical Avenue, our staff is working around the clock, as we usually do for all our clients.

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