Cardiology in Korea

Cardiology treatment in Korea

Cardiovascular diseases are a large group of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. This group of diseases ranked 1st as the cause of mortality in 2019 around the world. China, India, Russia, USA, Indonesia had the highest registered number of cardiovascular deaths in 2019.

In Korea, cardiovascular diseases rank 2nd. Thus, the Korean government, along medical institutions, have put emphasis in their prevention, premature diagnosis and treatment.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), this group of diseases will remain the main cause of death worldwide.

Types of cardiology diseases treatable at Korean hospitals

There are 3 large groups of cardiology diseases treatable at Korean hospitals:

  • Vascular disease
  • Diseases related to the rhythm of the heart
  • Diseases related to the structure of the heart

Though, different from one another, heart diseases are like dominoes: one causes another (atrial fibrillation causes blood clots, angina and advanced hypertension – heart failure, etc.). Therefore, a comprehensive approach is required, correct diagnosis with identification of the root cause and timely, properly selected treatment. All of this, available at the top Korean hospitals.

Why to have cardiology treatment in Korea?

  1. A variety of detailed types of examinations and modern equipment:

In the cardiovascular centers at Korean hospitals, you can undergo all types of examinations: ECG with or without load, various types of ultrasound of the heart (conventional, with contrast enhancement), CT and MRI of the heart and blood vessels, angiography of the heart vessels, radionuclide scanning, and more.

  1. Advanced methods of treatment of cardiovascular diseases:

Korean doctors keep trying to reduce the burden on the body, reduce the period of hospitalization, accelerate the recovery process and improve the quality of life after surgical interventions on the heart. Therefore, minimally invasive methods of treatment (non-surgical replacement of heart valves), heart surgery without stopping, wireless pacemakers with the size of a capsule, artificial heart, and other modern methods of heart diseases treatment are constantly introduced at the top Korean medical centers.*

Numerous trials of new drugs and treatments are also being conducted, including stem cell treatment to repair a damaged heart.
* To determine the appropriate treatment method Korean doctors will consider all of available tests results, additional examinations, and initial diagnosis, along with the patient’s condition.

  1. Highly-skilled medical personnel:

Doctors and surgeons at Korean hospitals treating foreign patients carry degrees from the leading medical universities in the country. Also, many of them have internship experience in the USA and Europe.

Additionally, specialized nurses at the cardiology departments have the preparation to explain in detail the medications, lifestyle and monitor the execution of the doctor’s instructions.

  1. Well-balanced system between departments, wholistic approach:

A wholistic approach to treat cardiovascular diseases is conventional at the top Korean hospitals. Usually, several teams from different departments analyze and prescribe the best treatment protocols for international patients. Some of the departments involved are: cardiology, surgery, rehabilitation and additional departments depending on the cause of the disease.


FAQ: Information about the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in South Korea

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