IVF treatment in South Korea information sheet

IVF treatment in South Korea

What do I need to do or prepare for my IVF treatment in South Korea? What are the steps or procedures to follow? How long does it take? How much is the IVF treatment in South Korea? All these questions are the common inquiries people have while looking for IVF treatment options.

Here we want to summarize the process and give you a few tips on how to proceed with your IVF request:

1. What should I do to apply for IVF treatment in South Korea?

Application forms are required for your initial screening and for your doctor’s recommendations before arriving for IVF treatment in Korea. While filling them out please be as specific as possible. Attach all your medical records, including your husband’s medical history.
*By law, in South Korea it is required to provide the certification of marriage.

2. What is the approximate cost and time I need for IVF?

IVF in Korea goes from 4,500 USD to 7,500 USD approx. (including medicines and tests).
Your period of stay in South Korea will depend on the type of protocol you are assigned to. The long protocol goes up to 24 days. The short protocol requires 2 weeks. If you wish to have your pregnancy test in Korea, you’ll need to add 10 more days to your protocol.

3. What does the IVF procedure consist of?

STEP 1 → Consultation and basic tests (2nd or 3rd day of menstrual cycle)*
STEP 2 → Ovation stimulation and monitoring (from 3rd to 9th day of menstrual cycle)*
STEP 3 → Final oocyte maturation → Egg retrieval→ Egg fertilization (from 10th to 12th day of menstrual cycle)*
STEP 4 → Embryo Transfer → Progesterone Support (from 14th to 15th day of menstrual cycle)*
STEP 5 → Pregnancy test (25th day of treatment)*

4. Do you have some tips or additional information before going through IVF treatment in South Korea?

a) Consult with your physician before starting IVF. There are many factors to consider before taking the first step into IVF.
b) Keep in mind that semen analyses are necessary. Male tests.
c) It is recommendable for women to take folic acid (1 mg) and Omega 3 before your treatment.
d) Relax and be patient. During the treatment there are lots of tests and waiting periods!
e) Please do not do manicure and/or pedicure before your treatment.
f) Support your couple all the time.

5. What services do you offer for IVF treatment in South Korea?

• All types of accommodation: hotels, short and long stay residences and studios.
• Concierge service (airport pick up, hotel check in and hospital registration)
• Free translation at medical centers
• Free mobile line
• One-on-one medical coordinator
• Follow up services
• Privacy guaranteed

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