Prostate cancer treatment in Korea

What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer treatment in Korea

Prostate cancer is a type of oncology that occurs in the prostate gland, most common in men over 60 years of age. According to 2017 statistics, prostate cancer is one of the 10 most common types of cancer in the world.

The number of cases is increasing every year. Fortunately, so are the survival rates. In Korea, the 5-year survival rate has increased significantly over the past 10 years to 94.1% and 100% when early detection.

Among the most frequent symptoms: weak or intermittent urine stream, urinary incontinence, frequent urination, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, impotence, pain, etc.

The main causes of prostate cancer: overweight, heredity, age, etc.

Prostate cancer specialist in Korea

Medical Avenue recommends professor Na Gong Ho, “Chief specialist in robotic operations throughout Asia,” pioneer of robotic operations in Korea. He sits behind 3,300 operations (2,700 prostate cancer operations, 600 kidney cancer surgeries) on da Vinci’s robot, surgical education in 15 countries, internships at Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA) and others.

Information about cancer treatment in South Korea

NOTE: Some hospitals in Korea use experimental NK (natural killers) cell therapy in the treatment of cancer. This method uses its own NK cells, cell collection occurs through the usual blood collection, in the laboratory they multiply millions of times and injected back to the patient intravenously. This method helps to use your own immune system in the fight against cancer. Suitable for both patients with the initial stage and terminal stage of cancer. For more information, please contact our experts for advice.

Preliminary examinations and plan in Korea for prostate cancer

– MRI (pelvic organs)
– CT (chest and abdominal organs)
– Bone scintigraphy
– Blood, urine tests
Cost: $2,5001
– Biopsy or revision of histological drugs (if necessary)Biopsy cost: from $300 2
Cost of histological research: $300 3
1The cost adjusts according to the examinations and complexity of the case. If there are comorbidities, the list of surveys and the cost may change. 2The cost will depend on the biopsy method. 3 Depending on the levels of the study, the cost may increase.

Preliminary treatment cost in Korea for prostate cancer

Prostate removal surgeryCost: $18,0001
Hormone therapy (if necessary)
Radiotherapy (if necessary)
Chemotherapy (rare)
1The cost of the operation is indicated taking into account hospitalization in the 5-bed ward for 5 days without complications.

Approximate screening and treatment schedule in Korea

  • Day 1: consultation with a professor, appointment of examinations
  • 2 ~ 5 days: examinations
  • 5-7 day: secondary consultation, test results
  • Surgery: needs to be scheduled, then 5 days of hospitalization

Fortunately, for our (Medical Avenue) patients, doctors usually offer the following order, making the process faster and more efficient:

  • Day 1: consultation with a professor, appointment of examinations, hospitalization
  • 2-3 day: examination in the hospital
  • Day 4: surgery
  • 8-9 day: discharge
  • Day 11 *: outpatient appointment, listening to the results, flight home

* The stay may change depending on the patient’s condition and the schedule of the ward in which the treatment will take place.

Advice from our medical coordinator in Korea

  1. Take with you 3 pairs of elastic compression bandages (tight-fitting, can be 1 size smaller), required after surgery.
  2. You can bring diapers for adults, as after the operation there may be a slight incontinence of urine. You can always buy them inside the hospitals, as well as the compression bandages, but sometimes is better to come ready.
  3. After surgery, it is recommended to do Kegel exercise to prevent urinary incontinence.
  4. Bring with you all the medicines you take on a permanent basis (for the caregiver and the patient), black tea, porridge, cereals, etc.
  5. We often get questions about impotence after surgery. Yes, unfortunately, this side effect occurs, so we found a solution in a private urological clinic for the treatment of impotence, as well as for non-cancer urological problems. Let’s understand that this side effect does NOT occur in all patients. In many the function is restored 6 months after surgery.

Reviews of patients treated for prostate cancer in Korea

Prostate cancer treatment in Korea

Hello, Katya! Hello everyone, Sasha, Elina, Olga, everyone we’ve met. Thank you all so much! Everything is so professional and at a high level! The medical staff at the clinic too. They are masters and all, such good people. We are all grateful. Thank you all very much, I wish you all the best and the best! We will constantly tell others about you!

What is prostate cancer

In December 2017, we learned that our dad had cancer. Prostate cancer. This diagnosis still sounds like a verdict. We began to undergo examinations, to take tests, to wait for a month for our doctor’s appointment. So from December 2017 to May 2018, cancer went from second stage to almost fourth. And then we realized that something had to be changed. And very quickly. Apart from Korea, we did not consider anything else, because the experience of friends who were treated and the level of medicine in this country, they speak for themselves.

We tried to find the clinic themselves, through the Internet. After looking through a lot of information, we realized that it is very difficult to choose. Called an acquaintance who lives in Seoul. He gave us Kate’s contact, from Medical Avenue. After calling Kate, in 5 days we were in Korea. In two days, we took examinations and immediately my father had surgery.

I would like to express my gratitude to the employees of Medical Avenue. This is a service and help. They assist us all the time from surgery to the most basic household issues: ordering a taxi, help with hotel reservations and much more.

A huge thank you to the doctors and staff of the Hospital Severance for the speed, professionalism, responsiveness and for our dad!

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