Information about cancer treatment in South Korea

Cancer treatment in South Korea

According to the 2017 statistics, South Korea has the highest rate of 5-year survival rates in thyroid, prostate and breast cancer (100.1%, 94.1%, 93.2% respectively)

According to the 2017 statistics, South Korea has the highest rate of 5-year survival rates in thyroid, prostate and breast cancer (100.1%, 94.1%, 93.2% respectively), as well as in treatment for kidney (83.1%), stomach (76.5%) and bowel (75%).

Every year more and more foreign patients choose South Korea for treatment or examination.

Why do more people trust specialists from South Korea?

  1. High survival rate

Statistics from 2017 showed that South Korea has a higher percentage of 5-year survival rates of the 5 most common cancers (stomach, colon, liver, breast and cervical cancers) compared to the U.S., Canada and Japan.

  1. Advanced treatments and equipment

Medicine does not stand still, every year Korea produces new drugs and equipment to fight chronic and noncommunicable diseases. The number and efficiency of immunotherapy drugs to treat cancer is constantly increasing in South Korea.

Immunotherapy in South Korea
Immunotherapy in South Korea

Additionally, proton therapy is also in high demand among both local patients and foreigners.

Moreover, surgical equipment is constantly updated to reduce postoperative risks, side effects and improve cosmetic effect. In 2018, for example, Koreans began using the single-port robot-assisted surgical system “da Vinci”. This system allows operations to be carried out through 1 small incision.

Recently, Severance Gangnam introduced “Unity”, the most advanced radiotherapy device in the market.

  1. High professionalism of medical staff

In addition, all the doctors we recommend have studied and worked in South Korea or the United States. Internships in the United States, Europe or Japan, and special training to address foreign patients is common. Many nurses are also trained and accredited by U.S. standards.

  1. Affordable prices

Noteworthy, the cost of screening and treatment in South Korea is lower compared to the United States and Europe. Additionally, in South Korea patients do not have to make a deposit in advance for the entire course of the proposed treatment, as in Europe. This reduces the economical burden.

  1. Comprehensive approach

Finally, at Korean hospitals, medical departments build teams of work to treat all cases. This method brings doctors, pharmacists, specialized nurses together for better outcomes. There is also psychological support, various training programs for both patients and their loved ones.

FAQ: Information about cancer treatment in South Korea

What methods of oncology treatment are available in South Korea?

Cancer treatment in Korea is subject to international protocols. All medicines are approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration. Every year they release new medicines, introduce advanced methods and technologies for cancer treatment.
Korea is trying not just to follow others, but conducting its proprietary tests and developing new treatments for cancer.

The following treatments are used for cancer treatment:
– Surgical treatment
Chemotherapy, including targeted and immunotherapy
– Hormone therapy

Depending on the diagnosis and condition of the patient, doctors recommend one single method or combined.

How can I come to South Korea for cancer treatment?

The process of preparing consultations and the arrival is as follows:

1. It is necessary to send all available medical records, CT scans, MRI, PET-CT (the coordinator will explain in detail how to send medical images). Medical Avenue processes your documents and makes an official request to hospitals.

2. After reviewing the information, the selected doctor provides his assessments and recommendations. This stage can be omitted if you immediately plan to come for examination/treatment without waiting for the doctor’s opinion.

3. As soon as you decide to come and decide your approximate travel dates, Medical Avenue will book an outpatient appointment with the professor selected.
Our staff helps you book the hotel and sends the required documents with the schedule and general information.

4. On the day of arrival, our staff greets you at the airport and helps with the hotel check in or immediately takes you to the hospital for the consultation.

5. After the initial consultation with the professor. The main doctor makes the appointments for examinations. Those results will determine your treatment.

Diagnoses for which you can get oncology treatment in South Korea:

Prostate cancer treatment
Breast cancer treatment
Stomach cancer treatment
Lung cancer treatment
Osteosarcoma treatment
Liver cancer treatment
Thyroid cancer treatment
Colon cancer treatment
Cervical cancer treatment
Pancreatic and bile cancer treatment
– Kidney cancer treatment
– Esophageal cancer treatment
– Skin cancer treatment
– Soft tissue cancer treatment
– Testicular cancer treatment

How can I come to South Korea for cancer treatment?
How can I come to South Korea for cancer treatment?

What hospitals does Medical Avenue offer you?

Medical Avenue cooperates with more than 40 clinics in South Korea. These are multi-disciplinary level 1 hospitals, other multidisciplinary and specialized hospitals, Traditional Korean Medicine clinics, plastic surgery clinics, etc.

Of the 378,967 people treated in Korea in 2018, 21.3% chose Level 1 hospitals for therapeutic treatment, including oncology, surgery and other treatments.

After years of work and thousand of patients, Medical Avenue has gathered reliable data to validate and recommend the most qualified doctors to treat each type of cancer.

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