Wooridul Spine Hospital

Wooridul Spine Hospital started treating spine problems 35 years ago. The medical institution has received about 400 specialist from all over the world to learn its minimally invasive techniques. Additionally, Wooridul was pointed as the “spine hospital” by Ministry of Health and Welfare.

This hospital leads the innovation for spine treatment methods. Minimally invasive practices developed here assure and facilitate recovery and minimize complications. Therefore, Wooridul represents a smart option for international patients looking for fast and effective spine treatment.

Highest success rate surgeries available surgeries Wooridul Spine Hospital:

Endoscopic lumbar discectomy (PELD), Total (artificial) disc replacement (TDR), Percutaneous endoscopic thoracic discectomy (PETD), Open laser-assisted lumbar discectomy (OLD).

Arthroscopy surgeries available at Wooridul Spine Hospital:

Shoulder ligament suture surgery, Shoulder dislocation surgery, Adhesive capsulitis of shoulder surgery, Shoulder joint replacement, Ankle joint surgery.

Top doctors Medical Avenue has direct access to:

    • Dr. Kim Ho Jin: Spine treatment

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