SNUH Gangnam Check up Center

Seoul National University Healthcare System is inside the Gangnam Finance Center, on the 38th and 39th floor. The facilities offer a pleasant and luxury environment for visitors and patients.

The checkup center has the latest medical devices to scan and detect anomalies inside the body. This state-of-the-art technology helps highly trained specialist to accurately read medical images and reports. The efficiency and promptness of the results can make a difference for many patients.

The SNUH Gangnam Check up Center offers tailored programs for female and male patients. Also, it has programs focused on brain, cancer and heart markers. More important, in case of cancer suspicion or any other major disease, the patient is notified right away. This medical cases are referred to SNUH Bundang Hospital or SNUH Hospital.

Medical Avenue arranges immediate appointments and customized programs for our patients. We have services for Kazakhstan, Russia, CIS Region, GCC Region, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Southeast Asia and Europe. There is available information and documents in Russian, English, Chinese, Mongol and Arabic.

Extra services at SNUH Gangnam Check up Center:

    • VIP room
    • Female-only rooms
    • Consultation rooms
    • Partners Lounge

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