Flying to South Korea: COVID-19 regulations

Flying to South Korea_ COVID-19 regulations

After months of strict COVID-19 regulations, the Korean government is starting to relax the conditions for foreigner travelers flying to South Korea. For now, November 2021, nationals from countries not requiring visa to enter Korea can apply for a quarantine exemption at any Korean Embassy or Consulate. This rule is ONLY for those fully vaccinated, presenting a valid COVID-19 vaccine certification released by an official institution. (In the case of Korean nationals or foreigners living in Korea, the app COOV works as one). Additionally, everyone should present a COVID-19 negative test taken within 72 hours before boarding their flights.

For those nationals without visa waiver programs (Kazakhstan, Russia, etc), the quarantine period was reduced to 10 days, instead of the 14 days previously mandated. Some exceptions might apply, so we recommend asking our coordinators for each individual case. Moreover, for Medical Avenue clients, we can offer to spend the quarantine period inside some of our partners hospitals, saving time and money on their medical treatment and/or procedures. For some aesthetic / plastic surgery cases, our partners will even compensate for the quarantine cost after the plastic surgery procedure.

While it is certainly not the same visiting conditions for foreigners as before the corona health crisis, Korea is moving into a more lenient approach. This is gradually happening as Korean nationals and foreigners living inside the country get vaccinated. Therefore, we recommend our clients to keep asking our team for updated information or checking our website constantly.

Safety measures: Incheon airport arrivals

Collaboration between parties starts with trust: The Korean authorities ask foreigners arriving at Incheon Airport to dutifully fill out a “yellow form”. This form contains info about COVID-19 regulations, the port of departure and a collection of questions regarding possible symptoms. Foreigners should be aware that lying or writing misleading info can have legal consequences.

At arrival, “Korean prevention teams” ensure pens, desks, banisters, and the whole facilities are disinfected regularly. The Korean government also provides free consultations with a doctor on site. This is in case a traveler shows symptoms or feels sick. If necessary, the traveler will have to take a COVID-19 test there.

Temperature scanners are located before passport controls. IF REQUIRED, the airport staff will help the visitor to download the “quarantine app” on their smartphones. This app has to be updated twice a day by the user. If the user fails to update his status on the app, an official might call or visit the place of stay.

Once everything has been set, an immigration officer will call your contact in South Korea (written in the “yellow form”) to verify the relationship. In the case of Medical Avenue’s clients, our team will give you all the numbers and info needed before flying to South Korea. 

Safety measures: Incheon Airport arrival COVID-19
Safety measures: Incheon Airport arrival COVID-19

Mandatory 10-days quarantine

Medical Avenue’s clients (the majority) don’t have a permanent residence in South Korea. Thus, clients coming to South Korea will have to go through the mandatory 10-days quarantine at a government facility. The cost of that facility is around $80-$120 USD per day, with 3 meals included. 

At the airport, once the visitors go through passport control and COVID-19 quarantine regulation’s control, they can have access to their travel bags. Going out from the airport gate, visitors CANNOT have contact with other people. Instead, they have to go through one last check up point. 

Medical Avenue’s assistance during “COVID-19 quarantine”

Medical Avenue’s team will help you during your COVID-19 quarantine period. Our medical coordinators will make sure you and your family have all the basic needs covered. Our team will also be reachable 24/7 in case of an emergency. Although we cannot meet you in person, we will be available by phone. We will assist you with arrangements to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

We understand that it is not easy to travel in this current circumstances. Moreover, we know clients with an underlying disease are clearly in a delicate situation. Unfortunately, we need to follow these rules while trying our best to offer our services to all of you in need. For now, we ask for your trust and patience. If you need to urgently come to South Korea, we are ready to help you!

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