Dental Implants in South Korea

Dental Implants in South Korea

Do you like beautiful smiles? Yes, we all do. A beautiful smile is often related to success, elegance and health. Most of us think it is also a strong presentation card for work and personal matters. We often go to the dentist and correct or clean our teeth to get that healthy smile, but sometimes our natural teeth won’t do the job and a dental implant could be our best solution.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a tooth root made out of titanium that doctors place into our jawbone to secure an artificial tooth (crown) or a bridge (different sizes). This prosthetic procedure is common in South Korea for people who has lost part of their teeth or a single tooth. The materials available here have obtained great reputation for their quality and durability.

*Our clinics work mostly with Korean implants and Swiss implants.

Implants and crowns average cost in South KoreaPrice USD
Korean implants$1,300-$1,600*
Swiss implants$2,100-$2,500*
Meta-ceramic crowns$600-$730*
Full ceramic (zirconia)$900-$1,000*
* Average prices. Varies according to the clinic and patient’s dental/health condition and wishes.

AVAILABLE PROMOTION: For more than three (3) implants and crowns, our patients can get up to 10% discount.

Where to go for dental implants in South Korea?

Check out the clinics we recommend in South Korea!

Time is money, and safety comes first, plus nobody likes pain. These statements are true for us as well as for our partner’s dental clinics!

Here are the characteristics we look for when recommending a dental clinic in South Korea:

  • Local and International certifications
  • Clean, comfortable facilities
  • State-of-the-art medical equipment and materials
  • Time-efficient (one-day implants available) treatments
  • Painless procedures (innovative and safe sedation methods)

Steps to get my implants done in South Korea:

  1. We advice our clients to take a full panoramic photo (X-ray) of their teeth at home and send it to us with name and DOB.

2. Our medical coordinators refer our client’s medical images to the head doctors our dental partners.

3. We hear the assessments from all the available dentists, we go back to our client with the available treatment plans and estimates.

4. Once the clients chooses the clinic, we start arranging the non-medical process for their visit to South Korea.

You have to consider that the dentist might not recommend implants for you if you present:

  • Heart condition
  • Oncology related health problems
  • Post chemotherapy or radiotherapy

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