Breast augmentation surgery in South Korea

Breast augmentation surgery in South Korea


Breast augmentation surgery in South Korea is mostly used to treat breast ptosis. The result is a more aesthetic look to the upper part of the female body.

Although every woman has her own reason, this procedure is recommendable to those with small, flat or droopy breast, and/or sagging or asymmetrical shape.

There is no single rule to the ideal aesthetic form of the breasts. But sure, there are parameters and recommendations that a professional plastic surgeon should convey to you.


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Basic facts to know about breast augmentation surgery in South Korea:

There are different type of methods for placing implants to enlarge the breasts. It all depends on the incision location. Each surgeon will hear the specific needs of the patients. Then, she/he will suggest for an inferior breast crease incision, an axillary incision or an areolar incision.

Doctors always emphasize the importance of the incision’s location to minimize the breast augmentation surgery scar:

  • In the case of an inferior breast crease the scar might be more noticeable. The positive side is that the procedure itself can be bloodless. It can be less prone for capsular contracture. (Noteworthy, inferior breast crease will also have better aesthetic results and it’s easier to perform a revision surgery).
  • The axillary incision for breast augmentation leaves a less visible scar. Doctors have to use an endoscope and be careful not to damage chest muscles.
  • Finally, the areolar incision breast augmentation procedure leaves a scar around the areola that some women might care (not recommendable for Asian women).

Following the incision’s location, the implant’s location is the next important decision to make. The location of the implant has four options: subglandular (not recommendable for thin women), subpectoralis, dual plane (recommended for droopy breasts) and subfascia plane (the latest, less painful procedure).

Safety first for your plastic surgery procedure:

At our partner’s clinics safety comes first. Thus, they use only the latest type of cohesive silicone gel for breast augmentation. It is approved by the local authorities. It has a very small chance of leaking outside the shell and with cohesive properties to stay inside the scar tissue.

Here you will find a table with key information about breast augmentation plastic surgery in South Korea:

Procedure Breast augmentation plastic surgery
Observations Breast augmentation takes 1 to 3 hours. The doctor can suggest local anesthesia and oral sedatives, but general anesthesia is also an option.Swelling can last a month, but normally patients are asked to stay for a week or two.
Total price $7,000 – $12,000 **
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Important facts to know about breast reduction plastic surgery in South Korea:

The first decision to take in between the doctor and the patient is to determine the incision location. The doctor can suggest to make it from the areola to the lower part of the breast or at the bottom of the breast. Our doctors always do their best to reduce the visibility of the scars. The main goal is to reduce the breast and preserve the natural and aesthetic shape.

Procedure Breast reduction plastic surgery
Observations Breast reduction takes from 1 to 2 hours. Local and general anesthesia available. We ask patients to stay from 1 to 2 weeks, but the full recovery time can take longer.
Total price $8,000 – $10,000 **
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Key facts to know about ptosis surgery (breast lifting) in South Korea:

As we mentioned before, there are three ways to treat breast ptosis or drooping. 1) Using silicon implants 2) Excising fat tissue 3) Performing a breast reduction procedure. This all depends on the specific needs of the patient. After examination the doctor will recommend some method(s) following the patient’s wishes.

In order to treat breast ptosis, the patient can choose to increase the breasts size, or just to remove drooping tissue and skin, maintaining the size. If the doctor advices for a breast reduction, then he/she will reduce the lower and outer parts of the breast and lift the areola.

Procedure Ptosis (breast lifting) plastic surgery
Observations Ptosis procedure takes 1 to 2 hours. Local and general anesthesia available. Patients stay 1 to 2 weeks. The full recovery time can take longer.
Total price $10,000 – $12,900 **
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